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High quality. Low cost. Personal service.

ElTech offers you a variety of top quality eline tools at lower prices than our competitors. Our product lines include weight bars (tungsten, lead, and steel), centralizers (bow spring and roller-style) and accessory tools such as crossover subs, cable heads, teardrops, and more. ElTech is able to ensure the highest standards of quality and keep prices lower because all of our products are made at our on-site manufacturing shop.

At ElTech we’re also committed to making sure that you can get the products you need quickly (usually the same day) by keeping a large inventory of standard tools on hand for your convenience. And we also offer custom design services to meet your specialized product needs. In addition, we can repair or rebuild products that were purchased from ElTech.

For the best tools at better prices, contact ElTech today.



Accessory Tools

Tools used in relation to activities for well working and intervention.

  • Cableheads
  • Crossovers
  • Eline Swivels
  • Grease Heads
  • Roller Skates
  • Shock Absorbers


Used to centralize tool string inside casing or pipe.

  • Bow Spring Centralizers
  • Roller Centralizers

Weight Bars

Add weight to the tool string to overcome wellbore pressure.

  • Eline
  • Pumpdown
  • Slickline
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